Friday, January 11, 2013

Jenny's Nursury Rhyme quilt is finished

 My big sister Jenny and I are just 18 months apart. Jenny loves Vintage. She loves Classic. She loves nursery prints and Jane Austen. She loves Louisa May Alcott. She loves me!!!!!  She is like a little mamma to me. She has guided me with love and faith and has been a support my whole life in all my trials. She is compassionate to me and has more empathy for my pain than most know. I love you Jenny!!!!  Have fun taking this blankie to the park and having indoor picnics on cold dreary days. 

I was talking to Jenny on the phone and complaining that my bedspread that I'm making is taking so long. 6 months and I've only completed 5 of the 9 quilt blocks. I wanted to do something that I could get done fast. That's why I really love making baby quilts.
 I bought this fabric in Utah to make a lap quilt for Jenny. I pulled it out and here it is....only one week later.   
I had so much fun doing a loop-de-loop print.
the back is a little plaid flannel, so cozy

I of coarse added a polka dot border and a red binding.

I picked this fabric up in Utah this past summer and was happy to get to finally use it.


  1. I can't believe how fast you got that done. Super cute!!

  2. Lisa, what an honor to get a post like that from you. I feel so loved from you, to tears. Or as they say in the good ol' days, "to distraction"!!! :) I am very excited about the adorable quilt and now that you wrote the nicest note in the world on this blog then I will always think of that when I use the quilt. I want to print out what you wrote and keep it in my journal. One of the best healing things is to focus on others, and I am glad that you are focusing on me! hee hee! Really, you are doing what the Savior would do, and that is looking outward for true happiness. I love you too, you know that! Love, Jenny

  3. I wanted you to know that I love the Loop-de-Loop. Fun! I snuggled up to this blanket last night and it made me warm on a cold foggy rainy night. So thank you for a hug from so far away! Love you!