Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Maryanne's Herringbone Quilt

My Amazing Sister Maryanne 
Maryanne is four years older than me and someone who I really like to be around. She is really funny and loves to have a good time. I love talking with her because we always laugh so hard.

She is so stylish and fashionable and I still to this day dream of going in her closet and having a billion outfits to choose from.

She is amazing. She raised her three boys alone for a lot of years and went to school and has worked to support herself. She graduated and is now working in her field of Occupational Therapy. She has a son who has Asbergers and has advocated for him to get the best schooling he can. She is so smart and knows a lot about the body and the mind and this has helped her deal with some challenges she and her family has faced.
She is patient and cheeful despite the challenges she has been through.
She is so forgiving and this is something that has helped me through my therapy. Her forgivenss of  others is so inspiring to me. I love you Meanne!  
My Inspiration  The Tutorial I used 

This was good Eating Disorder Recovery

I was super frustrated that this didn't turn our perfectly. I used a  material for the grey that was NOT 100% cotton and it stretched as I sewed it. I couldn't get it to line up. I will NOT do that again. 

The way I quilted the front ended up really fun on the back. I really like using flannel. It is so smooth!  I like the hounds tooth pattern. 

Anyone who knows me knows I love polka-dots. I loved the contrast of the yellow and of course had to pick this one. 


  1. Lisa, that is the nicest tribute I have ever read. It is so sweet of you to do this for Maryanne. I know it means a lot to her. The time you put into the quilt. And the tribute. Heavenly Father has a way of healing people who spend time thinking about others and doing service for others. Through thinking of others, you can not only forget about your woes, but actually heal from them. What you are doing is the best kind of therapy. Good for you Lisa! Way to go! Go Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S! (me being your cheerleader!!)